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Sue Casson's facility with words and a catchy tune led to early commissions from BBC Schools Radio.

During the 1990s she made the move to TV and wrote for several Children's BBC shows for younger viewers. Credits include
Melvin & Maureen's Music-a-grams, Millie's Models and Superbods, where she tackled scientific subjects with a light touch.

With poet Simon Rae, Casson has written songs for two Edinburgh children's shows, THE PIRATE, THE POTATO, THE CAMEL, and THE PIRATE AND THE POTATO IN SPACE which was also staged at the Thorndike Theatre Leatherhead. 

For the British Library in collaboration with Dreamchild she worked with Chris Brannick writing songs, creating music and providing character voices for an online ALICE IN WONDERLAND cabinet of curiosities.

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Star CD

Writing with Children

A great believer in the power of music and creativity in imaginative cross-curricular learning, as part of a Royal Opera House initiative, to 'Write an Opera' Casson has worked closely alongside teachers in the classroom at her local primary school weaving their lines of poetry and musical themes into coherent songs for them to perform.

Working with writer and director Tom Blackmore, who edited and structured the children's ideas and scenes into a collaborative story, nine original and very special summer shows and nativities over which the whole school felt ownership were created over a decade.

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Olympics Kent Schools

Pass it On

In the year of the Bejing Olympics Casson and Blackmore built on their success in one school, to bring together five from the Kent region in their own 'Cultural Olympiad' for the Sevenoaks Festival. Each school played to their own strengths as they explored Olympic themes, coming together in a finale featuring an anthem written by Casson with pupils from Chiddingstone School. The show's title - Pass it On - celebrated the inter-school collaboration and sharing. 

Margaret Pearson, headteacher St John's School, Sevenoaks

Pass it On Menges

'Learning's not just about me telling you'

Sue Casson The Happy Prince