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Sue Casson
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‘a perfect marriage of words and music’


Two Tigers features in International KM100 Festival 

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Casson is thrilled that excerpts from her kaleidoscopic Modernist musical are to be broadcast as part of an exciting online festival this November. A film, made specially for the centenary event by English Cabaret, shows songs filmed at the Edinburgh premiere this summer intercut with moments from her recent interview with MusicalTalk.


Hosted from Katherine Mansfield's native New Zealand, the festival comprises creative responses to her writing from musicians, artists, poets and writers, alongside lectures from noted specialist scholars and philosophers, from all around the world.

Discover the full programme here and book tickets by clicking the picture.

Two Tigers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

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Sue Casson's kaleidoscopic Modernist musical about New Zealand-born ground-breaking writer Katherine Mansfield, and her turbulent love affair with John Middleton Murry who ensured her legacy premiered on the Edinburgh Fringe this summer


Sue Casson talk about two tigers

This summer, during the run of Two Tigers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Sue Casson talked with Thos Ribbits of MusicalTalk  about her show Two Tigers, which he awarded 5 stars.


interview with the new current

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100 Years ON...

Mansfield musings

This January marked the centenary of the death of  Katherine Mansfield. The original award-winning show was first staged in the centenary of Mansfield's birth. Now 'a lifetime on' Casson has been writing a series of blogs musing on different aspects of Mansfield and her relationship with 'Tiger' John Middleton Murry as she worked at re-imagining Two Tigers. The latest Mansfield Musing looks at how it has become a musical as modernist as the writer herself.

Dreams of Peace & Freedom

'A secular hymn for of the most beautiful things I've ever heard...  sublime'


A Vigil for Justice, Humanity and Human Rights

Sue Casson's highly acclaimed song cycle which tells the story of the birth of modern human rights through the eyes of David Maxwell Fyfe returned to Edinburgh this summer to resume a vigil for human rights.

It shines the light of the past on our troubled present highlighting the issues of Justice for Ukraine and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, as it garners cross-party support for a 'Convention Coalition.'

Dreams of Peace & Freedom at Merchant's Hall 1.jpg

A special performance was given at Merchant's Hall alongside pupils from George Watson's College, David Maxwell Fyfe's school, to mark his achievements at the Nuremberg Trials and afterwards drafting ECHR.

Follow the vigil on Instagram @officialthint and X @OfficialTHINT.

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