During the early 1990s, following their appearance on Brian Matthew's Round Midnight broadcast live from the Edinburgh Fringe, Premier Cru, led from the piano by Casson, were invited to record a series of 5 sessions for

Radio 2's NIGHTRIDE over a period of 3 years.


With no social media, and only reel to reel tape recorders, no photos exist of these sessions, and the recordings were thought to be lost as well. But a number of these songs have recently come to light on cassette copies made in the studio at the time and digitized. You can hear them on the playlist below.


Casson piano / vocals

Catherine Black / Cello

Chris Brannick/ Percussion

Melanie Bush / Saxophone

Listen to Nightride Sessions on SoundCloud

Casson at the BBC - the lost tapes...

bbc-maida-vale-studio-piano bbc - maida-vale studio

Premier Cru

Chris Brannick, Sue Casson and Catherine Black

The lost years...

Premier Cru 2 Premier Cru 1