a woman a piano

'Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me'

DH Lawrence 

'If it were drawing it would be a fine line drawing' Thos Ribbitts MusicalTalk

'I've been writing songs since I was a teenager, and playing the piano for even longer than that, so all the songs I write begin with me sitting down at a piano and singing. It's as simple as that.'

Casson has been writing songs all her life.

Some she has performed live as a singer songwriter, or on BBC radio and TV, some she has written as scores for musicals,

or commissions for TV and stage shows.


This page is all about singing at the piano...


...where she began, making her radio debut on BBC Radio 4's Pen to Paper

whilst still a student, and later appearing on both

Pick of the Week and Stop the Week, and Word of Mouth,

singing her own specially written topical songs.


Later she formed trio Premier Cru, with cello and percussion,

playing at the Edinburgh Fringe, and as a direct result, was invited

to record several sessions for Radio 2's NightRide.


Exploring the feeling of stepping out front, for a time she was accompanied by arranger and conductor John Jansson, making a CD together, Ivory Images...


...and she has played and sung alongside multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire,  

The Brannick Academy and the Favoured Few, making two more CDs along the way, one of which Tutankhamun All Wrapped Up sold 64,000 copies!


Solo once more, Casson played host to

English Cabaret Hour at C Venues for a couple of seasons...

Casson has been posting a series of short films featuring her music and lyrics, alongside the beautiful photographs of Lily Blackmore.


Catch up with them at  Words & Pictures 

or on her YouTube channel.

Casson crop C 7 casson 1 Casson web2

'Casson is a seasoned performer and holds it all together as she sings original songs, ....

she has a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice'


...following it up

with her first solo show

a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti

which tells her part in the search for the tomb of Nefertiti

in the way she knows best - with a series of original songs inspired by the quest.

'Haunting original songs'


C 4 Casson web1 casson beach Nefertiti 16

Hear them by clicking here.  

Casson is currently recording a new set of songs,

but in the meantime, here are some originals.

Screenshot (121)

... whilst gathering

a band of talented musicians around her to record

a set of her lyrical songs for

her CD