Sue Casson

writer and

singer of songs ...

‘haunting original songs.' Scotsman 'witty lyrics and soaring melodies’ Big Issue  

'a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice' Broadway Baby

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November 2020 

marked the start of a year of joint anniversaries linked by David Maxwell Fyfe- his year at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (75)

and his role drafting the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights (70)

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Casson is a founding director of TSLR,

an incubation company for a host of projects.


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MusicalTalk #VirtualEdFringe2020 MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre

Hear Sue Casson talk to Thos Ribbits about the new recording, David Maxwell Fyfe's post war legacy, and why his story is important today.

"A magnificent work by Sue Casson about freedom, democracy, liberty."

"A beautiful rich tapestry"

Day 3 - All your dreams can come true Watch, Read and Listen v. 2

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WATCH a film featuring its' songs in the landscape of Maxwell Fyfe's story,


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There are plans for the programme of commemorative performances to resume from Summer 2021,

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As theatre continues to be out of the spotlight Lily Casson is keeping its' magic alive  with her newly released


I Heart Musicals,


featuring 2 songs

by Sue Casson.



Even though I cannot die is a song from PERSEPHONE which goes to the heart of what makes life worth living. Words are by Simon Rae with music by Sue Casson, who is also at the piano.