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‘haunting original songs.' Scotsman 'witty lyrics and soaring melodies’ Big Issue  

'a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice' Broadway Baby

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November 2020 

marks the joint anniversaries of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (75) and the European Convention on Human Rights (70)


A programme of commemorative performances is presently on hold, but you can hear a podcast, and the newly released recording now.

A filmed recording and book will be available at the end of August. Visit THE HUMAN'S IN THE TELLING for more details.


To celebrate the launch of the new recording of Dreams of Peace & Freedom, Casson is sharing a song from the cycle each Monday on Twitter.


This week Part V- These Hearts

a free setting of Rupert Brooke's War Sonnet IV - The Dead, which opens with letters exchanged between David Maxwell Fyfe and his wife Sylvia, as he confronted evidence of the Holocaust.


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In the latest of her series of blogs about the development of Dreams of Peace & Freedom

Sue Casson looks at the how the history that shaped David Maxwell Fyfe proved the way to introduce him to a modern audience.

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English Cabaret is a production partnership

with Tom Blackmore.

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Casson is a founding director of TSLR,

an incubation company for a host of projects.


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and find out more.


This Autumn English Cabaret would have been launching a tour of commemorative performances, beginning at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

where this all began.


Read reviews and the story so far.

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Explore some late summer lyric videos.  Click on a pic to start

Day 1 - Who shall we see today at Celebrity Cafe DoPaF

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Day 4 - Wishes to catch and come true Day 2 - Come and find button MusicalTalk #VirtualEdFringe2020 MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre

Hear Sue Casson talk to Thos Ribbits about the new recording, David Maxwell Fyfe's post war legacy, and why his story is important today.

"A magnificent work by Sue Casson about freedom, democracy, liberty."

"A beautiful rich tapestry"